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Wireless Internet Control Panel

Check your usage and mange your wireless internet account with the easy to use Link-Up Internet Wireless Control Panel.

  1. Go to Link-Up Internet Website.

  2. At the top of the page look for the button that says "Sign In" - click it!

  3. Under the Wireless Internet click on the Login button.

  4. The next page will require your Username and Password to login, if you don`t have one call 086 999 0816 or send us and email. IMPORTANT: DO NOT click forgot my password.

  5. When you are logged in this screen will provide you with General information, Service Data, Personal data.

  6. To check your usage click the "Traffic Report" button at the to of the screen. It will list your usage according to year, click on the applicable year.

  7. Now it will list your usage per month, click on the applicable month.

  8. Now it will list your usage according to day, click on the day.

  9. Now it will show session usage data.

It is important to take note that the control panel records usage according to session, it sorts this information by year, month and day. This means that a continues session could run for a few days or a few hours, in some cases session data may overlap days. Example: You may be on the days screen and you will see some days are not listed or skipped. it might display 2017-04-12, 2017-04-13 and then 20174-04-18.

This does not necessarily mean that the internet was down between 2017-04-13 and 2017-04-18. Look at the "online Time" for each day, in this case the online time on the 2017-04-13 will show 5d 7:22:12 which is 5 days.

NEED HELP? Call 086 999 0816


Did you know that we offer Mobile data? Link-Up Mobile offers it`s customers access to LTE mobile data on the MTN network at very competitive pricing. You can get at 10 GB Mobile Data at R545.00 p/m with a 3 Month Data Rollover. No Contract and No Out of Bundle Rates.

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