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LTE Advanced now in Vryheid !

LTE-Advanced from Link-Up gives 50 Mbps Fibre speeds on Mobile Wireless. 55 GB Anytime Data at R299.00 p/m. No-Contract and No Installation fee.

Link-Up Internet is using the Rain - LTE-Advanced network which in their words is "Fibre-to-the-sky" to give users with no access to Fibre or reliable ADSL , a fast and reliable alternative. The product is available across South Africa in most Major centers and also in smaller towns like Vryheid and Newcastle.

25 + 25 GB AnytimeData @ R299.00 p/m

55 + 55 GB AnytimeData @ R549.00 p/m

85 + 85 GB AnytimeData @ R799.00 p/m

120 + 120 GB AnytimeData @ R999.00 p/m

220 + 220 GB AnytimeData @ R1349.00 p/m

330 + 330 GB AnytimeData @ R1599.00 p/m

The product is Plug-and-Play and there is no setup fee. Users has the option of using one of our pre-configured routers, shipped to your door from R2299.00 once of or alternatively using their own LTE-A compatible router.

The perfect solution for a start-up, Business or Home User . The service can be combined to provide you with everything that your you need to move away from the traditional landline solution. Get your Telephone service or Cloud PBX from us and save up to 50% on your Telkom or Cellular Mobile expenses.

086 999 0816

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