Link-Up Internet Service Provider is aware and apologize for the latency and degradation customers are experiencing on our Wireless, ADSL and Mobile services. This is due to a service outage on the SEACOM subsea cable.

SEACOM says they are experiencing a service-affecting outage on Segment 15 of their Subsea Cable System. They say the marine fault is located slightly west of Djibouti in the Red Sea and occurred on the 8th April 19:00 GMT.

The impact of the incident is currently causing higher latencies with possible degradation of service, as traffic will predominantly be routed over SEACOM’s WACs transmission links on the west coast of Africa, as well as on SEACOM’s network to Asia gateways.

SEACOM`s repair vessel was mobilized and we await conformation of a repair date.

See the official statement from SEACOM - HERE

for assistance call 086 999 0816 or send and email to support

The Link-Up Internet Team

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