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Wireless Internet Franchise

Link-Up offers you the opportunity to start your own Wireless Internet Business and capitalise on the fast expanding Internet market. An extention of the Link-Up Wireless Network, we offer you a Turn-Key, Business Format Franchise

What is a Wireless Internet Service Provider

Our core business is that of a Wireless Internet Service Provider also known as a WISP. The WISP provides Internet, VoIP and related services to the end user using wireless network infrastructure which is owned and managed by the WISP. We use strategic geographical high points or high-rise buildings on which we install Wireless Broadcast Antennas. This is traditionally called a high site or broadcast Tower. Such a strategic high site would not only give the advantage of the Wireless signal being able to travel further but could potentially provide up to 360-degree coverage. An optimal high site would have a high percentage of both these characteristics.

What is a Turn-key, Business format franchise?

It means that you don’t have to worry about acquiring the skills or investment to setup-up an ISP business. We will manage the systems, solutions and infrastructure while you can focus on growing your Business.


Talk to us today!

Call our office on 087 056 3636
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